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A true story filled with emotions

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About the author

Chantal Hefferman MacKenzie was raised in Nelspruit, a small town in South Africa. Her father was a prominent attorney and her mother gave up her fledgling modelling career to raise Chantal and her brother Stephen. After completing secondary school Chantal went to the University of the Witwatersrand In Johannesburg, where she obtained her law degree, and also met her husband-to-be Bruce MacKenzie, who completed his Dentistry degree at WITS.

In 1994 Chantal married Bruce and they settled in Sandton, in Johannesburg. Four children were born of the marriage.

In 2023, after very challenging trials, she decided to turn it into a book.

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"Wow what an amazing book, very well written and truly inspirational. I knew Chantal in primary school as Adrian her younger son was with mine. I did not know all these trials and tribulations as the family always had smiles on their faces. This book can truly help people going through this. I admire you Chantal. Thank you for sharing your story

Loretta Hope

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